FAQ about watching Enchained

The award-winning movie Enchained is available to watch online on the habeshaview-app. Enchained has only screened in selected cinemas and festivals so far. This is the first time the movie will be available online, and only on habeshaview.

Visit the habeshaview website habeshaview.tv. Follow the instructions to register and make a one-time payment.

Access to watch the award-winning movie Enchained costs only 100 ETB, to be watched on one device. The amount will be converted to your local currency.

The movie is available to watch on all smart handheld devices, PC, Apple TV, ROKU, Smart TVs using HTML5. To watch on a large screen that is not a Smart device, you can connect the device via the HDMI cable. Please note that Enchained can only be watched on one device per payment. After registration and payment, you will be able to watch the movie within 48 hours from first moment of commencing the film.

You can pay securely. The system accepts all major Yenepay, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and PayPal. It is possible to pre-order the movie and make a payment before April 18. Enchained can be watched starting Saturday April 18 2020, 10 am GMT.

You can watch the movie for 48hours, after purchase. Within those 48hours you can watch the movie as many times as you want. The 48hours will start from the moment of you commencing the movie, not from the moment of payment. You will not own the movie after payment. 

habeshaview is not responsible for poor broadband connectivity or Wi-Fi reception. In case a customer is experiencing poor internet connection, we advise you to contact your internet service provider.

Please check your Internet connection. If there is still an issue, please reach us on support@habeshaview.tv leaving your name, email address and the best contact number including country and area code. We will get back to you within as soon as possible.

The 100 ETB payment is only for access to the Enchained movie and you will not be subscribed to habeshaview. We do invite you to look at the habeshaview website and download our app to enjoy the wonderful selection of content available such as Ethiopian and International Live TV channels, movies, series, documentaries and more.

habeshaview is a live streaming platform providing live international and Ethiopian TV, films, entertainment channels and much more to Ethiopian-Eritrean communities worldwide. habeshaview is also committed to distributing Ethiopia’s best quality movies internationally.  

Ethiopian filmmaker Moges Tafesse directed the movie Enchained. He has recently completed a documentary film on interracial adoption entitled A Season for Dancing. Currently, he is preparing his next feature, the historical drama Yimut Beka (Born to Die), about an Ethiopian bishop who, during WW II, confronts the Italian fascists’ atrocities and fights to conduct his last liturgical prayer before his execution. Habeshaview is the film’s international distributor.

Enchained is protected by copyright – adapting, copying, issuing copied, recorded, downloading, sharing, resell or making it available to or via the Internet or authorizing any foregoing is strictly prohibited and will subject the offender to civil liability and sever criminal penalties.

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